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January 2021

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Able to read a pattern

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(For the record, I am wearing a shirt and yes I know I need more sun.)

With success in creating a full dress using a pattern I tried my luck with creating a pair of shorts using a pattern. I set the bar really low with this one, even using fabric that I did not have strong attachment too so I would not feel bad if it turned out bad. My expectations were low because I have difficulty finding shorts in the store that fit my lower half, either to tight in the hips but perfect fit in the waist, or perfect fit on the hips but falls of the waist, and don’t even get me started on the length, you either find shorts that go to your knee or barely cover your @ss, but nothing in between. So with all that in mind I expected it to be a lost cause in sewing my own.

BUT…I love them!!! I even ended up loving the fabric after finishing. Applying lessons learned from other projects, such as ‘it is easier to go smaller than bigger’ once you cut, I traced the pattern two sizes bigger than it recommended for my measurements. I did end up taking things in more than it instructed but it was way easier to get the perfect fit having more fabric to work with, and they actually fit! I added some contract to the pockets by incorporating some fun cat fabric and even made a cat patch to hide the top of the zipper (just because I could).

I will be making more of these.

Pattern used was McCall’s M6930, View A.


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