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November 2020

Skill Level:

Someone not afraid to cut fabric

Would I do it again?


After the success of completing my first shirt sewing project (see First Attempt at a Shirt) I took that same base pattern I used for that project as a starting point and with the extra fabric attempted a draping affect overtop. I was inspired with the off-the-shoulder drape look by a shirt I bought in Turkey last year that has a sleeveless undershirt but has a second layer of fabric attached on top that drapes over the shoulder enough to create a short sleeve and also hang in the front creating a flattering ‘V’ shaped silhouette. My excitement of the final product grew during each step of this project… when I finished sewing the undershirt, draping the fabric loosely at first over the shirt, then pinning the top fabric in place. I loved it! Then when it came to the part of sewing together what I had pinned I stared at it on the mannequin for a day, not sure where to start as I was definitely stepping out of my basic sewing skill level. Turned out not as difficult as I had worked it up to be but there are definitely lessons learned I picked up that will make the next time easier.

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